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ProFlo Hospital-Grade Electric Pump

Category: Maternity Products

Manufacturer: Camp Healthcare

This electric pump (formerly known as the White River Breast Pump) is designed to meet the highest hospital standards. It is also popular as a professional grade rental pump for the mother who needs to express breast milk during extended absences away from her baby, for mothers returning to work full time, mothers with hospitalized premature or sick infants, or other pump-dependent mothers. FDA-approved for multiple uses, the ProFlo can be easily and quickly flush cleaned with hot water and/or EPA-Approved Disinfectant Germicides. Camp Healthcare model

ProFlo Features:
Variable suction control - greatest range of suction available; more than any other electric breast pump.
Autocycle - Mimics your baby's suck and release pattern.
Single or double pumping compatibility - works with any SinglePump or DoublePump Collection Kit or GlobalPump System.
Quiet Operation
Lightweight - weights only 5 lbs.

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